BOSCH 3 In 1 Abrasive Color Foam (Block)


Best for Flat & Edges for easy handling when hand sanding various flat or edged surfaces.

  • Color coded for distinction between the remove,repair and finish sanding steps.
  • Foam base offers a comfortable grip for hand sanding.
  • Block shape flexes and adapts perfectly to the workpiece
  • No acrid solvent odour.
  • Highest quality in class,100% imported from UK.
  • Washable blocks/pads prolongs lifespan.

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Product Features 

  • Good performance under both wet&dry application washable for easy self cleaning super long lifetime.
  • Refurbishment of pots,knives and chopping boards.
  • Easily remove rust and heavy stains and bring you a brand new kitchen.
  • Washable blocks/pads prolongs lifespan.

Three grits for diverse applications

  • Three different grits-Medium,Fine,Superfine cover all need of finishing & heavy cleaning in your house.
  • Our foam product has no grain shedding,fast remove of heavy dirty surfaces and materials 0-hazard gradients.
  • 100% environment friendly materials and process,no harm to health.

Aggressive and soft easy to use and carry 

  • High quality sponge from UK as the base with great flexibility.
  • Perfectly adapt to the shapes of surfaces,no kink,no crack nor scratch.

Product Warnings

  • Please first try at concealed area to avoid unnecessary surface damage.
  • If uncertain about grit selections,please try finer grit first.
  • Not suitable for coating and super glossy surfaces of household applications.
  • Wearing a glove when using is suggested.
  • Dry completely after wash can extend product’s life.

Small Tips

  • Foam block with harder foam base more suitable for fast cleaning&sanding on flat surfaces and corners,While foam pad is perfect for contours,grooves and any hard to reach surfaces.
  • Wood sanding
    • The 3 step solution provides better surface finish with very fast speed-Orange for remove,yellow for prepare and green for finish.
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning
    • Better and easier by adding a little it detergent.


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