SWAN Reciprocating Air Compressor – H Series

  • SWAN air compressor H series are high efficient two stage compression, large displacements and smooth continuously operating.
  • The strong heat dissipation design prolongs its service life and saves more cost. 

Kindly contact us to understand more about the available model / power (HP).  

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Technical Specification :

  • Horse power (HP)3~15 
  • Working pressure (kg/cm²)12~16 
  • Capacity (m³/min)0.225~0.929

High pressure compressor pump :

  • High efficiency 2 stage compress design with huge output and smooth operation.  
  • Strong cooling fan, durable service.  Offer sufficient and steady compressed air.  
  • Enlarged air tank to ensure continuous supply of compressed air.  A recommended economical and practical model. 

High pressure buffer tank :

  • High efficiency 2 stage compress design able to offer powerful and steady compressed air output during operation. 

Patented drain valve on top of air tank (Optional) :

  • Exclusive patented water drain valve on top of the air tank, able to exhaust condensed water accumulated in air tank. 
  • Further to reduce possibility of tank rust and extend durability. 

Powder coated air tank :

  • Air tank prepared by initially shot blasting, thicker powder coating applied to ensure bright and durable surface protection.  
  • Environmental friendly coating process also been applied during manufacturing.