WERA 8001 A Zyklop Mini Bit Ratchet 1/4″ With 1/4″ Drive


The Zyklop Mini Ratchets

For all difficult to access applications.

Simple direction change

Simple switching between left/right operations.

What parts can be connected to the Zyklop Mini 1

Bits and sockets,Bits can be connected directly. However,a holder can be connected first and then the bit can be attached to this. This then serves as an extension with a free turning sleeve.An adapter e.g. Wera 870/1 is needed for sockets-1/4″ hexagonal on a square drive.

Is such a small tools sufficiently resilient?

The Zyklop Mini can withstand at least 65 Nm. That is far more power than can normally be transferred to such a small tool.

Slim design

Its slim design makes it ideal for all particularly confined working situations.

Article description

The Wera Mini ratchet. Simple operation, even with just one hand, in confined working spaces. Drop-forged, full-steel design and fine-pitched mechanism with 60 teeth that allows a small return angle of 6° for precise working. The thumbwheel allows rapid fastening in confined situations when there is no space for ratcheting. Easy left/right switchover. Ergonomically designed ratchet head and lever. Suitable for 1/4″ bit and socket take-up.

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  • Suitable for direct take up of bits with 1/4″ hex head drive
  • Drop forged,full steel design
  • Torque of over 65 Nm
  • Fine pitched ratchet mechanism and small return angle of 6
  • Ideal for working in confined spaces

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