WERA 851/1 BDCB Bitorsion Driver Bit (Diamond)


Reduced cam out forces

The minute particles applied to the tip of the tool literally “bite” into the screw and ensure an exact, anti slip fit in the head of the screw.this secure fit protect the screw.The cam out forces which compel the user to apply greater pressure to the screw are considerably reduced.

Secure fit in the screw head

Today,the wera diamond bit- manufactured with the technology specifically developed by wera for this application-still sets the standard in terms of resilience and functionality. wera bits with a diamond coating ensure a secure fit of the bit in the screw head.

BiTorsion Bits

Peak forces that occur in power tool applications often result in premature wear of bits or damage to the screw head.This usually occurs during initial power up and the when the screw comes to standstill. Screwdriving could become more productive and safer it these peak load could be minimised. The Wera BiTorsion system prevents premature wear. The service life of the tool is extended and the productivity of power tool applications significantly increased.

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  • For Phillips screws
  • BiTorsion zone to absorb peak loads
  • Diamond coating for a secure git in the screw,literally bites into the screw head to prevent cam out
  • 1/4″ hexagon drive
  • Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size

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