BOSCH 33 Pcs X-Line Set


  • 18 durable drill bits for applications in wood, masonry and metal. Wood diameter 3-8 mm, Masonry diameter 4-8 mm and metal diameter 2-5 mm.
  • 10 screwdriver bits for use with the most commonly used screws with Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx and longitudinal slot heads. 3 nutsetters for use with hexagon-head screws.
  • Practical Bosch X-Line case that keeps everything neat and tidy; can be refilled if necessary.
  • Suitable for all power tool brands.
  • Note: When drilling metal, the use of coolant is recommended, e.g. Bosch universal cutting oil 2 607 001 409.
  • Note on safety: Please wear appropriate protective clothing based on the application:Metal drilling: Protective glasses Wood drilling: Protective glasses and dust mask Stone drilling: Protective glasses, dust mask, hearing protection and work gloves
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7 HSS-R metal bits : Ø 2-5mm
5 Masonry drill bits : Ø 4-8mm
6 Wood drill bits : Ø 3-8mm
10 Screwdriver bits (L=25mm) : PH 1/2/3
PZ 1/2
S 4/6/7
T 20/25
3 Nutsetters for screws : Ø 7/8/10 mm
1 Universal holder : magnetic
1 Countersink

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